Teradata is a massively parallel processing system running shared nothing architecture. Teradata DBMS is linearly and predictably scalable in all dimensions of a database system workload. This course is designed to illustrate the fundamentals of the Teradata database.

Teradata In

Students learn about parallel processing, AMPs and PEPs, how Teradata lays out data evenly, Primary Index use, hashing, Perm and Spool Space, and protection features.

Teradata Certification

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Teradata architecture
  • Data warehousing and data distribution
  • Calculating Teradata space.
  • Applying data protection including Transient Journal, Fallback and RAID.
  • V2R5 partitioning
  • Loading the Data
  • Secondary Indexes
  • The Active Data Warehouse




"The Teradata training was nice, and though I was the only one in the online session the class was very much interactive, it was a very good experience." – Deepthi (Teradata)