Siebel CRM

In this section you will first learn what Siebel CRM is and then how to get started on developing Siebel.

It is very important to understand as to why many industries need Application software like Siebel. Many companies have simplified their business processes by using Siebel. So we will first start with learning what Siebel is about, then we will follow the process of installing it, then the implementation and the data model.


Learning Siebel CRM is not easy. It requires hard work, dedication and practice. Siebel CRM is very complex software and acing all the areas of Siebel is very difficult. So people choose their own areas of Siebel that one can build their expertise on. For example some people may choose their expertise to be EIM which mainly deals with database where as some other could choose EAI which deals with Integrating Siebel with other software applications.

Likewise there you could build expertise in configuration, order management, architecture etc. Among all these areas, Siebel Configuration is the stepping stone for everyone. So start learning first with Siebel configuration.

Nothing should discourage people from learning Siebel. Siebel is number one CRM software and the demand for people working on it is growing rapidly.

At train4job we are proud to bring you our very best professionals to teach you this course in Siebel CRM. The course will teach you Siebel CRM and will help you learn, help you with resume and interview preparation.

Siebel Training

  • Introduction to Siebel CRM
  • Siebel Architecture
  • Application Architecture
  • Server





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