SAS Training

This online training series introduces users to the SAS system, the basic data concepts and the structure of the SAS programming language. It discusses the basic statements used when coding SAS programs, using the SAS log to troubleshoot coding errors, and the different modes for executing SAS.

The series also covers optional statements used to modify data, and statements and options available to program features in the DATA step. Creating specialized output and basic statistical procedures are also covered. Additional topics examined include using Display Manager to run SAS jobs interactively, SAS data libraries, using SQL in SAS, and combining and updating SAS data sets.

Learn SAS

This SAS online training series provides self-paced courseware. At train4job we are proud to bring you our very best professionals to teach you the SAS course.

Online SAS Training

In this SAS training course you will learn

  • Introduction
  • Using SAS
  • Data Manipulation
  • DATA Step Programming
  • Results
  • Display Manager System
  • Data Libraries
  • Inputting Data and PROC SQL
  • Combining and Updating Data Sets





"The SAS training was good. Trainer helped me to learn the course quickly and perfectly... thanks to" – Sohail (SAS)