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Learn PHP: We have established that PHP is a web development language that can make developers a hefty sum of money. Before we can start learning the language, we need to know a few things. What exactly is PHP, where didit come from, and what exactly does...

PHP Training

PHP was in development in 1994, when creator Rasmus Lerdorf wanted a better way to administer his personal homepage. It all began as a few CGI binaries that Lerdorf used to build several interesting applications. This in itself isn’t so exciting, especially since early forms of PHP couldn’t even interface with a database! Regardless, Lerdorf started what would become a very prominent web development language.

From thereon out, PHP became an open source piece of software that anyone could contribute work on. Over the years developers have added quite a bit of functionality to the language overall. Through all the changes that occurred over the years, we can now describe PHP as the following:

Learning PHP

At Train4job, This hands on PHP Programming course provides the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic, database-driven web pages using PHP version 5. PHP is a language written for the web, quick to learn, easy to deploy and provides substantial functionality required for e-commerce. This course introduces the PHP framework and syntax, and covers in depth the most important techniques used to build dynamic web sites.

Students learn how to connect to any ODBC-compliant database, and perform hands on practice with a MySQL database to create database-driven HTML forms and reports. E-commerce skills including user authentication, data validation, dynamic data updates, and shopping cart implementation are covered in detail. Students also learn how to configure PHP and the Apache Web Server. Comprehensive lab exercises provide facilitated hands on practice crucial to developing competence and confidence with the new skills being learned.

Course Contents

  • PHP Basics
  • Flow Control
  • Arrays
  • PHP and HTML Forms
  • String Manipulation
  • Reusing Code and Writing Functions
  • Managing Data
  • Authentication with PHP and SQL
  • Regular Expressions
  • Session Control and Cookies
  • Sending Email with PHP
  • File System Management



"The training was pretty good, and though I was the only one in the online session the class was very much interactive, it was a very good experience, and I am also looking forward to take more trainings from train4job.com on other technologies as and when required for me." – venkat (PHP)