Learn Java

Java/J2EE is one of the most sought skill sets in the current job market. The course covers a wide range of topics which spans the complete spectrum of Web Development using Java/J2EE. These include Servlets, JSP, Struts 1.3, and Hibernate & JiBX. Our unique syllabus makes sure that you gain knowledge not only in the Java Technologies, but also on other important supporting technologies such as Java script, CSS, JSON, XML and HTML.

Also our course gives special focus on one of the most ignored, but extremely important skills:
effective debugging of Java script, CSS and Java code. We use a hands-on approach-based training methodology coupled with assignments which will enable the attendees to gain excellent exposure to the technology in an instructor-controlled atmosphere.

Who Should Attend:

Learn java course is designed for applications programmers and designers planning to develop applications using the Java Virtual Machine.

Advanced Java :

Upon completion Learning Java course, students will be able to:

  • Compile and run a Java application.
  • Understand the role of the Java Virtual Machine in achieving platform independence.
  • Navigate through the API docs
  • Use the Object Oriented paradigm in Java programs.
  • Understand the division of classes into Java packages.
  • Use Exceptions to handle run time errors.
  • Select the proper I/O class among those provided by the JDK.
  • Use threads in order to create more efficient Java programs.


Students should have taken the Software Development for Non-Programmers course or have programmed in at least one programming language - preferably C or C++. Some familiarity with Object Oriented Programming is desired but not required.

Learning Java

  • Core Java Round-up
  • Introduction to Web Technologies
  • Web Application Architecture, MVC
  • End-to-end flow of HTTP request
  • Eclipse Integrated Development Environment
  • Servlets, Servlet Context, Filters
  • JSP, Scriptlets, Expressions, includes, contexts
  • JSP Tag Libraries, JSTL
  • Struts 1.3, Introduction
  • Struts Actions, Form Beans, Struts Validation
  • Hibernate, OR Mapping Concepts, pooling
  • JiBX, OX Mapping Concepts
  • JavaScript, Element Selection, Form Submission
  • JavaScript Events, Ajax, JSON
  • JavaScript debugging with FireBug & Script Debugger
  • Advanced JavaScript frameworks – JQuery, Mootools, ExtJS
  • CSS, styles, selector, debugging with FireBug & Developer Toolbar
  • Advanced tools – TamperIE, DebugBar, FireFox, ieHttpHeaders




"I learnt java through train4job.com, thanks for training which helped me to built an excellent career as a Java proffessional." – Sangrita (Advanced Java)