Business Analyst

Business Analyst course is designed to provide foundational understanding of the skills and knowledge areas of Business Analysis. This introductory course exposes the student to the concepts of Business Analysis at a high level. The course includes discussions of the multi-faceted role of the Business Analyst and examines the fundamental skills required.

It explores such critical skills as communication techniques, risk analysis, visual modeling, and the gathering, documenting, managing and transmitting of requirements.

IT Business Analyst

Those individuals who desire to participate in a software development project as a Business Analyst or wish to begin the first steps towards preparation for the Business Analyst certification should take this course. This course will also be beneficial to Project Managers, System Analysts, and Developers seeking an understanding of this important role in the software development lifecycle.

Business Analyst Career

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Show familiarity with the International Institute of Business Analysts and the Business Analyst Book of Knowledge (BABOK).
  • Understand the roles of the Business Analyst in the software development process, and apply the knowledge and skill requirements necessary to carry out the role.
  • Explain the key differences between software development methods and processes.
  • Discuss Requirements Engineering, Requirements Management and Requirements Development.
  • Describe the levels, types, and characteristics of good requirements.
  • Apply change management and requirements traceability to the Business Analysis process.
  • Describe requirements that drive ongoing design, test, and user documentation activities.
  • Identify and discuss the flow charting using Unified Modeling Language (UML) Activity Diagrams.


There are no specific prerequisites. A general understanding of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is beneficial, but not necessary.

Business Analyst Course Outline:

  • Basic Concepts needed for Business Analyst
  • Various Model Driven System Analysis Approaches
  • Introduction to Object Orientated analysis and design
  • How to Gather and Document User Requirements
  • Use Case Modeling for Business Analysis
  • Working with a Case Study along with the tool - IBM Rational Suite.
  • Process of System Development
  • Working on different case studies




"The Business Analyst training was really good and very much helpful now i am confidently looking to build career as a Business Analyst thanks a lot for provideing such a excellent training to and its team." – Mandeep (Business Analyst)